Development of indigenous cycloidal gearbox

by adityalokare78 on 16th Mar 2023 3:25 pm


The cycloidal gearbox uses the difference in number of lobes (tooth) between the housing and the cycloidal disk to provide high reduction ratios. The components of cycloidal gearbox include

  • Eccentric bearing (for input)
  • Housing with equally spaced rollers
  • Cycloidal Disk (heart of the gearbox)
  • Flange with output pins


I'm working on a toolbox which would decide the design parameters of these components based on the requirements set by the user.

Interested Kite users (especially students) comment below, I would be glad to add new users to the team;


Details of the challenge are available at:


vairamuthuraja… 17th Mar 2023 9:32 am

Great! Im in...